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Our greatest trouble is we think too small.

Our gods fit our imaginations.
Our politics are too self-serving.
Our expectations of each other are far too limiting.
Our celebrations are too modest.

Who Am I?

I have made it my life's work, no matter my occupation, to seek to further justice through the reframing of how we think. I have had amazing mentors in my life who have taught me, confronted me, and always challenged me to constantly be rethinking how I'm thinking. This has become my passion.

My story has taken a number of twists and turns in my lifetime. I was born and raised into a white, far-right conservative, deeply charismatic evangelical Christian, small-town Idaho family who were transplanted from the deep south state of Alabama. I grew up with the "N" word as part of my extended family's regular vocabulary. Homophobia, racism, sexism, and misogyny were the norm in my patriarchal faith indoctrination.

Over the years through my many failed attempts to "find God", to make sense of my black and white politics, to understand how it works to "love the sinner but hate the sin", and endless personal failures, I began to allow myself to start asking "What if there is a better way to think about this?"

This question "what if?" has not only been my guide, by it has been my tool to help guide others through their own journeys of discovery into better ways of thinking.

I am a:

- Husband
- Father
- Grandfather
- Friend
- Mentor
- Coach
- Leader
- Entrepreneur
- Writer

- Teacher

- Course developer

- Community builder
- Podcaster
- Feminist
- Anti-Racist
- LGBTQIA+ Advocate
- and former Pastor

I offer my story and my learned experiences to you.

I am ReThinking everything.


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