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When We Are Freed To ReThink Everything,

We Are Free To Explore Anything

Small thinking is the only thing you have to lose!

ReThinking frees you from oppressive and harmful systems of belief.

You can change everything when you are willing to ReThink how you've been thinking.

The freedom is yours to let your understanding expand from
beliefs and worldviews that no longer support you.

These small-thinking systems are confining, limiting and even damaging to you and/or others.
Don't let these systems rob you of something bigger or your freedom to heal and evolve.

You are free to ReThink it!


your beliefs


your beliefs


your beliefs


Clear the confusion & Own your beliefs
with ReThink Courses, Coaching & Community.

Expand Your World View

What if you could add new lenses to your perspective? You were handed a set of beliefs, but you have the opportunity to grow them into something better and more inclusive .

Trust Your Inner Voice

What if you could learn to trust yourself? You have a knowing that wants to teach you and evolve you. You deserve to be trusted.

Connect Authentically

What if all of you belonged?

What if you could restore yourself to authentic relationships on a shared journey towards new, expansive living?

We See You.
We Hear You.
We built this space FOR you!

ReThink is Coaching, Courses,
Community and so much more!

More than 50 combined years of coaching and guiding ReThink journeys.

More than 50 combined years of intentional community building projects.

More than 30 combined years of course and curriculum development and instruction.

We won't tell you what to believe, but ReThink courses will guide you to owning your beliefs...
the beliefs you choose.

ReThink courses are a framework for evaluating your current beliefs in a supportive and safe environment.

Change the Game
with ReThink Courses, Coaching & Community.

I was in a place where I felt my “church family” had abandoned me and I had no idea where to turn, how to feel, and, most importantly,

what I believed to be true.

I have spent the last 25 years completely emersed in church culture.

Then my daughter came out as transgender, and everything changed. The church basically shunned me, and I was alone.


I came across a TikTok and IMMEDIATELY I knew I had to try this. I signed up right away and downloaded the material and got to work! The program lay out is easy to follow with multiple formats and the questions are soul searching. It gave me permission to dive deep into the question “What if…?”, which in turn started to change my mindset.


The best part is that you can use this template to help you broaden your thinking for many issues in your life! Religious, health, relationships, spirituality, body image….I have gained an ENORMOUS amount of self-love (which I lacked greatly) by giving myself permission to ask “What if?” and “Could it be possible I’m right? Wrong?”


It has broadened my horizons and I have reworked Rethink 101 for several issues I have experienced in my life. I have never felt more self-discovery than I do now, all thanks to this program. I can’t thank Casey and Jess enough for helping me feel so complete! 

~Brandi U., ReThink Member

Step 1
Become A Member

Step 2
Take The ReThink 101 Course.

Just click! Two Membership Options: Free or Paid. You choose what supports your journey best. 

ReThink 101 is the first of many e-courses available through your membership. 101 introduces the 4 Guiding Principles to ReThinking anything. ReThink 101 is available through BOTH membership options. Additional e-courses are available through the Courses Membership.

Step 3
Start Connecting

A community is waiting for you...waiting for your thoughts, your voice, and your curiosity. Safe, Sacred, Inclusive, and Coach Supported.

Your ReThink Journey Can Begin Today... just 1, 2, 3!

Meet Your Coaches

BONUS: Join ReThink as a Courses Member and you will also get a 1 hour 1:1 coaching call

with Casey, Jess or Both ....your choice! 

We are here to support your ReThink Journey!

We Are Free To Explore Anything

When We Are Freed To ReThink Everything,

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