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About ReThink

Our stories matter.

The creation of the ReThink Coaching platform was about building sacred space to host your stories, our stories. We didn't land here overnight but we are here because of and in spite of hardship, pain, failure, and loss. But...that is just the beginning of a beautiful story forged also by love and curiosity.

ReThink is the birth of an expansive life and experience with other humans who need to connect and tell their stories too.


ReThink Coaching exists to free us from small and oppressive thinking so that we can move forward into more expansive and loving societies.


When we face our systems of beliefs that are rooted in small and oppressive thinking, it can leave us feeling conflicted and confined. When these beliefs continue to be perpetuated, they create damaging cultures of superiority, hate, abuse, and trauma.

We've created an online coaching platform to explore the development of new and reimagined beliefs in a safe and non-judgmental space through courses, coaching, and community.

When people are freed to ReThink everything, they are free to explore anything!

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