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The birth of your worldview may not have been up to you, but it is your responsibility to grow it.


We are born into programing. We develop a way to see the world and ourselves…sometimes by culture, sometimes by survival, sometimes both. I was born into evangelical Christianity but for 40+ years, I chose it.

Who Am I?

My world view held a very specific ideology around my role as a white, American, Christian female. There was a path for me to walk before I formed the decision to walk it myself. I viewed my identity as one to support a man in his. It would be my honor and spiritual fulfillment to partner with a man in his journey to be the head of our home, to have children we raised to love God, and to grow in my sacrificial relationship with the Church. It was my calling to be used by God to expand His Kingdom while growing in humility and service.

But the problem is…I’m me. I have fight. I have thought. I have ideas. I have a wild and brilliant spirit. It’s no longer my “problem”. It’s my Superpower!

From the time I was a young girl in grade school, the questions were always rattling around in this head of mine. I was never satisfied with women-only circles. I preferred the doctrinal debate over the homemaking crafting and pretentious image portrayal of my “holiness”. I was curious to solve the mysteries of The Divine and my world around me. The answers I was given in evangelical Christianity were not adding up. I was thinking bigger and grander than the small box of theology it gave me.

Then came that word…heretic. The one word no evangelical Christian wants to be called. The one identity we work so hard to distance ourselves from. But my questions and the answers I was finding kept leading me back to this word. Before long, I chose to embrace it. What was I actually a heretic of?

Life has not thrown soft punches at me, yet I feel fortunate that I have had the opportunities I have. Both have given me insight into the Divine.

Today I choose to daily embrace the things that make me uniquely me rather than continue to purify it from my being. I am learning to keep learning, both about me and my worldview.


My favorite question is “What if…”. It opens the door to more. And I like more. I am done with confining humanity to smallness and born wickedness. As a creation formed in the image of the Divine, I now embrace the work of being revealed versus the work of being saved. What if knowing me more expansively could open the opportunity to know the Divine more expansively?


That is the journey I am on today.

I am a:
- Woman (she/her)
- Wife
- Mama
- Amma (grandma)
- Tumor and 2xCraniotomy Survivor
- Life Coach
- Thinker
- Entrepreneur
- Writer
- Podcaster
- Feminist
- Anti-Racist
- LGBTQIA+ Advocate
- and former Pastor’s Wife

I offer my story and my learned experiences to you.

I am ReThinking everything.


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